Oat Kernel

Oat Herb

Botanical name: Avena sativa

Alternative Names
Avena orientalis
Avena chinensis
Green oat grass

Oats has medicinal usage since the 12th century.
The Oat herb, harvested before flowering, has been used as an herbal sedative.
A wide number of potential bioactive substances have been isolated from Oat herb with beta-glucan seemingly being the most important one.

The EMA assessments on Avena sativa include the Oat plant as a whole, including data on both the kernel and green tops.

These two plant parts are generally grouped together and referred to as Oat or Avena sativa. The green top herb is the green aerial part of the plant that is harvested before flowering.

The kernel is the grain or seed that is enclosed in husk.

In the HMPC monograph the use as a traditional herbal medicinal product is documented for the relief of mild symptoms of mental stress and to aid sleep.

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